Project Description
This application will copy a build defintion in TFS 2010, modifying workspace mappings in the process.

This is especially useful if you have a branching strategy and quickly want to create the same build defintion based on one branch to use the build defintion on another branch.
For example:

Your applications source code is located under $/ProjectA/DEV/ in TFS 2010 Version Control.
You create a Continuous Integration build off of the source code in that folder.
You then implement a branching strategy where you have a $/ProjectA/MAIN integration branch, and you are using release branches - where you might have $/ProjectA/REL1.0 AND $/ProjectA/REL2.0.

If you want to create the same Continuous Integration build on MAIN, REL1.0 and REL2.0, you would need to re-create the build definition by hand.
This console app can copy the build definition for you, and will modify any relevant workspace mappings.

This initial version is very simple, so I'm putting it out to the community to embrace and extend.

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